The Family Association

In 1836, Heinrich Karl Johann (1782-1859) set up a family endowment for his descendants by the names of Boetticher, Kuehn and Pacht. Further to this, in 1906 the family joined in an "Association for mutual assistance of the von Boetticher family", which continued in Latvia until the relocation of the Baltic-Germans in 1939 and was entered into the associations register in Posen in 1940. Since 1963 this union has been continued by an " Association of the Courland family von Boetticher", registered as an association at the Hanover district court (Amtsgericht).

According to the founding charter, "all male and female descendants of the male line of the onetime minister in Blieden/Courland, Nikolaus Boetticher (born ca. 1650, died in 1692) and his wife Emerentia née Treschkow" may become members of the Association.

But the female descendants and their relatives as well are very welcome as guests to the annual family reunions. At the moment, the Association encompasses approx. 165 members in Germany, America and Africa.

Family reunions over time:

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Invitation to the first family reunion


Marienbad/Majorenhof (today Majori in Latvia)


Meinsen near Hanover


Höhnscheid at Kassel


Höhnscheid near Kassel


Höhnscheid near Kassel